Preliminary and detail design packages

For a shipyard seeking construction support services, DLBA offers a broad range of naval architecture, marine engineering, and systems design capabilities, and design packages can be tailored to meet a shipyard's specific needs.  Typically, the following types of design packages are required:

A preliminary design package refines the vessel represented in the contract design package to incorporate a shipyard's standards, material preferences, and construction methods.  Tailoring a project to a particular yard's preferences and practices allows for more efficient construction. A preliminary design package typically contains much of the same content as a contract design package, but in a more customized format to suit a particular builder's needs. 

A detail design package converts the design represented in the preliminary design package into a complete set of detailed drawings, CNC (computer-numerically-controlled) cut files, and documentation of structures, systems, and specifications.  These deliverables become the actual shop-floor drawings used to construct the vessel.