DLBA corporate Position

The responsibilities and components of project management for the development of high-valued maritime vessels must remain focused on achieving the owner's goals with minimal risk. The duration of project management responsibilities must begin with the initial dream and thoughtfully integrate the contributions of all disciplines on a timeline extending past acceptance of the vessel so as to consider long-term maintenance and logistic support.

Donald Blount, P. E. 


founder and president of dlba

Donald L. Blount is the founder and president of Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc.  During his 50-plus year career, he has designed numerous noteworthy vessels, including the 67-meter DESTRIERO, the 41-meter FORTUNA, and many other high-performance planing vessels.  Registered as a professional engineer in two states, Donald is a fellow of both SNAME and RINA.  He has served as head of the Department of the U.S. Navy's Combatant Craft Department, and was employed at the David Taylor Model Basin.  He has co-authored more than 50 technical papers and articles, and his wealth of knowledge and creativity continue to be valuable resources to the staff at DLBA, our clients, and the industry as a whole.   

dlba r&d


advancing the state-of-the-art

As technological advances occur in all aspects of the marine industry, our involvement in highly-advanced projects requires constant growth and development.  From its beginning, DLBA has played a large part in advancing the state of the art of naval architecture and marine engineering.  The firm has been involved in hydrodynamic and aerodynamic research programs all over the world, using tank tests, wind tunnel tests, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to advance the industry's understanding of how to design and build safer, more efficient, and more comfortable vessels.  Further, the firm has an extensive and growing technical library containing thousands of reports, journals, articles, and databases that provide background support, technical data, and valuable experience to draw from in our design practice. 

DLBA Staff

naval architects, marine enGineers, designers

The highly qualified DLBA staff consists of naval architects, marine engineers, designers, and draftsmen, including three (3) licensed professional engineers (PE) and three (3) certified project manager professionals (PMP).  Several members of the staff have substantial experience with government vessels through their past service with the U.S. Navy's Combatant Craft Department (CCD) including a former head of the CCD and a former head of the CCD special projects office.