Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc



DLBA was founded in 1988 as a naval architecture and marine engineering firm, specializing in the technical development of high-performance marine craft. The firm offers consulting services related to the design, evaluation, testing, and construction management of motor yachts, custom sport fishing boats, production boats, commercial, military and paramilitary vessels.The breadth of work that DLBA has participated in and continues to influence is expansive and constantly growing. For over 25 years, DLBA has participated in setting world records, worked with some of the marine industry's most influential people, and been involved with the development of some of the most iconic vessels in the world.

As the state-of-the art advances, the design and construction of high-performance vessels require specialization in an increasing number of disciplines. While we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the advancements of marine technologies, these developments have required the position of DLBA to evolve, and we regularly work as a member of a team rather than as an entity unto ourselves. As a result, the firm has built relationships with some of the most prestigious and successful research facilities, technical experts, yacht builders, designers, and stylists in the industry.

The position of DLBA as an organization within the marine industry continues to evolve, and the company's role varies greatly from project to project. The firm prides itself on adapting to the ever-changing shape of the marine industry and maintaining a staff in touch with its advancing technologies. As the value and complexity of a vessel expands to require the application of new techniques and emerging technologies to achieve owners' goals, it is unlikely that a single corporate resource will employ the breadth of cutting-edge talent essential to support a truly state-of-the art project. For more than 25 years, Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc. has developed and fostered worldwide professional alliances for a readily-available base of individual and corporate talents which support our leadership and management of substantial maritime projects.