DLBA's 'Ludere' concept

a purpose-designed platform for supporting modern watersports

The 30-meter Ludere concept by Donald L. Blount and Associates, inc. is a contemporary affront to the perceived stuffiness associated with traditional yachting.

With help from the interior design firm of Within Interior Design, the concept has been developed as a platform for island-hopping, allowing up to 8 guests to live casually and comfortably, as they would in their own homes, aboard a vessel tailored to support a wide range of recreational activities and provide cozy leisure.  The vessel is designed to require a minimal crew, allowing guests to live as they would in their own homes – coming home after a day on the water  only to themselves rather than to an entire hospitality staff. An indoor/outdoor galley encourages social cooking, providing for interaction with both the interior salon and the aft deck during meal preparation, and an upper-deck salon provides an ideal location for relaxation, equipped with sofas, a bar, an aft-facing balcony, and a 360-degree panoramic view.  The aft-deck area hosts a large sofa/dinette, and the beach deck is equipped with a submersible platform that allows for easy water access and launch/retrieval of the extensive on-board  watersports equipment. 

Features of Ludere include:

  • two large VIP staterooms and a guest stateoom
  • a large midship salon with convertible seating for expanded accommodations
  • a large interior/exterior country-style galley that opens up to the aft deck
  • an upper salon overlooking the aft beach deck and the bridge
  • oversized windows and skylights to maximize natural lighting, contributing to the inside/out theme of the vessel 
  • extensive equipment storage compartments to support a range of watersports including: diving, fishing, surfing, paddleboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, boating, kayaking, wake boarding, and others.
  • an expansive aft beach deck equipped with a submersible platform for simplified tender operations and water access. 
  • pod-style propulsion and gyro-stabilization


download Ludere's pdf brochure here